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Our family lived through and witnessed the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. This historic event brought about economic hardship, rapid deterioration of living standards and conditions, massive suffering, and poverty for the majority of the population. With this the newly independent countries of the former Soviet Union saw an increase in hard core drug addiction among young men and women which swelled the ranks of HIV infected people.
Since primary school I dreamed of gaining influence and importance in adulthood not being propelled by a desire for riches, but by an intrinsic need to improve the lives of people. In 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his now famous “I Have a Dream” speech. These four words and the content of the
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I want to bring new healthcare programs for underserved communities and after completing the program I plan to apply to medical schools to become a doctor. With all the knowledge acquired at ___________ I will have more confidence to serve the public and provide equal medical treatment and high-quality medical care to people in need not based on their financial and social status.
My first experience of being exposed to a mix of different cultures, ethnic and social groups from all around the world was in France and in Uzbekistan where I received my primary and secondary school education, and later in Russia where I was accepted to I.M. Sechenov Moscow State Medical University in 2008. This diversity had an important and positive impact on my life, it made me open to people of all nationalities, races and religions. I grew up as a person with better understandings of different
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I realized this when as a medical student at the department of thoracic surgery I observed the surgeon for whom I was an intern take care of a patient who through sepsis developed pulmonary edema. Because of his illness and previously being addicted to intravenous drugs he could not walk, sit and sometimes even breathe. As a practicing medical student whenever I could free myself from my studies I tried to help him by giving shots, controlling his IV treatments and drawing blood for check-ups, as well as having a simple friendly conversation. I assisted my supervisor whenever this patient had minor surgery such as puncturing the thoracic wall between two costal bones, allowing the puncture needle to enter the pleural cavity, and evacuating the liquid from the cavity.
Fortunately in the summer of 2011 I won a Green Card as part of the DV-Lottery program allowing me to enter the United States as a legal permanent resident. Given this opportunity, I officially withdrew from my medical University and moved to the U.S. to follow my dream of becoming a medical doctor in a merit based and fair and non-discriminatory environment where students are treated equally, where the grades of a student will not be based upon his ethnicity or country of origin, but will solely depend upon his knowledge and

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