Personal Statement : An Tool Essay

922 Words Aug 7th, 2016 4 Pages
The DECIDE tool is used to help make a decision when it comes to communication. By using this tool I was able to communicate to my group how valuable communication was going to be throughout this project. I used the first three steps of the DECIDE tool when writing my email for the case study task. For the first step of DECIDE, define goal, I thought about what message I wanted to get across to the people I was emailing. I wanted to inform the other team members of the mediated communication we were going to endure for our project. I also wanted them to know the norms and possible advantages and disadvantages we could face through our channels because we were acting as a virtual team. For the second step of the DECIDE tool, I used the knowledge I had on who I was working on a team with. I evaluated who I was writing the email to and was able to relate to how the group members receiving the email were feeling. I was mindful with my words when setting the tone of the message. I explained all of the norms and how they were in the better interest for the project. I showed empathy by being able to relate to the group members by mentioning the fact that we all had a lot on our plates. I was professional in my message because I realized that we all worked for the same business, just from different places. I also understood the interference that could have misconstrued the meaning of my email. To eliminate the noise as much as possible, I elaborated on all my ideas within the email…

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