Personal Statement: An Introduction To Civil Engineering

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Introduction to Engineering: Civil Engineering My choice for the most interesting engineering discipline is Civil Engineering. Civil Engineering has 2 main sub-disciplines that I’m interested in are Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering. Studying Civil Engineering has a lot of perks money, prestige, an abundance of knowledge, creativity and the will to change others’ lives in a good way. My current job is a Civil Engineering job. I work as an inspector for a Geotechnical and Environmental Consultant Company. Working as an inspector motivated me to want to learn about what do and why it is very important.
Structural Engineering is a very interesting Sub-discipline if Civil Engineering. Structural engineers deal mostly with designing
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If it wasn’t for my current job id most likely would have stuck to Diesel Technology which isn’t too bad. Working under Geotechnical Engineers and Environmental Engineers made me see that you just cannot start building something without the proper inspections and testing. Being a technician allowed me to see that there is so much more to learn about foundations and subgrades. Geotechnical engineers deal mostly with soils, rocks and site monitoring. The position I’m in is very hands on, going out into the field testing the areas for compaction, excavating test pits for soil remediation etc… Geotechnical Engineers need a certain level of creativity when designing foundations and subgrades. Creativity is the ability to produce new thing or knowledge. Being creative in the engineering field is very important because of problems that may arise with no solution present. Being creative and having a very good problem solving skill is very crucial to all areas of engineering and when it comes to foundations the problem must be flawless otherwise you’d have contractor and clients ready to sue for failing soils, sinkholes, settlement etc… Civil Engineering and its subgroups interest me in many ways, there will always be a need for building so jobs are

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