Personal Revolt Against Social Media Essay

1550 Words Nov 16th, 2015 null Page
At the end of the month of October, international Instagram model Essena O’Neill enacted her personal revolt against social media. If you don’t have Instagram, or don’t follow the ‘Instagram famous,’ you may not know who Essena is. Essena has been fairly well known since she was the equivalent of a junior in high school in Australia. Her fame began with her Tumblr blog (a platform that makes it easy for fans and anonymous followers to ask questions), and her Youtube videos, which she used to talk about her passion for veganism. Eventually, her Youtube videos began to include discussions of how to exercise, aesthetically pleasing episodes of her going out to eat at vegan restaurants, as well as episodes where she was just relaxing and talking into the camera. During these personal videos, Essena would talk about her own past issues with her body, her current ambitions to stay inspired, and the importance of making veganism popular. Meanwhile, her Instagram was growing in popularity. As followers watched her ‘beautiful life,’ her days at the beach, her morning acai bowl, her travels through India, Australia, and California- people started to become obsessed Essena’s desirable aesthetic. Fans were enamored with this teenager (many of them were teenagers themselves, and even younger), calling her their “goal” on almost every media platform a person could leave comments on. In response, Essena’s videos started to express that she wanted people to realize her life was not…

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