Personal Reflection On Social Location Essay examples

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Every individual has a different social location; it may include their education, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and much more. Our social location can help us understand our position in society, how we may be classified, and the ways we are included or excluded. It can also help us understand ways we are privileged individuals or oppressed individuals. With these social locations we are placed with a certain social and political world that puts us with others. We form certain relationships through our social location and have certain experiences that relate to our social location. Through many personal experiences I realized my social location. I realized my social location through race, through gender, and also through ability/disability. All three of the experiences made me realize not just where my position was in society but it made me understand other people’s social locations.
When I was young I never truly realized how privileged nor did I realize the differences between race. I lived in a nice and comfortable house, got most of the clothes or toys I wanted, and went on many family vacations. But it never really clicked to me that not everyone else lived like me, until the age of twelve. I was a young white twelve-year-old female that was raised in a middle-class family when I realized my social location. My neighborhood consisted of mostly all white people and all of my friends were also white with the same privileges as me. My dad who had a construction…

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