Personal Reflection: A Personal Testimony Of My Adolescence

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Personal Reflection Paper
A Personal Testimony of My Adolescence It is safe to say that the adolescent years were some of the most heartbreaking, complex, yet happiest years of my life. My mother married my stepfather that created a horrible home life. I did not grow unlike all of my friends: small, petite, lightweight, athletic, and short. I had many friends and boyfriends during my middle school years; my social life was one aspect of my adolescence that seemed to thrive. I was well liked and had many friends. I loved school because I was intelligent and my teachers seemed to like me.

Physical Development of My Adolescence During my adolescence, my growth was very slow. I have always been blessed with good genes: small stature, high
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My moodiness started to happen when my mother married my stepfather. I was angry all the time when he was home. I had a temper when I did not get my way. I remember telling my parents that I hated them even though I did not. I do not remember why I got so mad—my only guess is that they would not let me do something with my boyfriend or friends. That was the majority of our arguments. I was happy when I was with my friends playing soccer, on the road to a game, or even spending the nights at tournaments. Those are my happiest memories. I was heartbroken when my boyfriend broke up with me. I remember one boy in particular that broke my heart and then a couple days later we got back together. Nothing else mattered in the world because we were …show more content…
I had many friends and a small group of best friends. I ended up moving schools between seventh and eighth grade so I had to make new friends at a new school. Being able to make new friends was not hard for me. I could talk to just about anyone and try to find something we had in common. I wanted people to like me. I wanted to be a part of a big group of friends. I was nicer to everyone because I wanted him or her to be nice to me. I wanted as many friends as possible because that was the “cool” thing to do. I had a different group of best friends almost every year. It was not because they were mad at me or they did not like me. It was because I did not have classes with them and had to make new friends. That was very common at my school. I never fought with my friends because I wanted them to like me. I had an attitude of “go with the flow” even if I did not like what was going on. I am sure I was in some drama with my friends but I do not remember ever being in a fight with them. My main concern was to have as many friends as possible and to be

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