Essay about Personal Presentation And Style Of Mr Pinkus

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Personal Presentation and Style

My discussions with Mr Pinkus have been via Skype. In these meetings he has presented as a mature man (I would guess in his late 50s) with a personable, considered, thoughtful and analytical communication style.

Mr Pinkus impresses as a very “reasonable: person. He claims she has good people leadership/team management skills and that he enjoys doing this.

Mr Pinkus 's style could be described as “analytical managerial and considered”, rather than dynamic or entrepreneurial.

Career Overview

Grant Pinkus states he completed his secondary education in Melbourne, attending Footscray Institute where he undertook Fitting and Turning and then Tool Making trade studies. (He later went on to do an Associate Diploma in Engineering and complete an MBA at Victorian University)

He worked for the Repco organisation whilst an apprentice and stayed with them five years. His next approximate 15 years work experience was a “tour” of Melbourne-based manufacturing and automotive parts businesses. In turn he worked at: Gerrard Strapping, Nippondenso, Bostick, Autoliv and finally Flexdrive.

In proximately 1989, he joined Air International Hose and Pipe Division, and stayed with Air for around 13 years. He started in the manufacturing operations as an Engineering Supervisor and then move into a more client facing role in (OEM) Sales. By his account, he built a personal reputation as able to manage large scale, and complicated supplier relationships.…

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