Essay on Personal Posting, Unknown Identity, And Ego

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Have you ever wondered what is the meaning of friend in today’s social networking world? In today’s new world, the word “friend” has changed in so many ways in social media. They are no longer having a good friendship with us; they are now controlled by the internet. On Facebook, Twitter, and others social sites we can see posts about people, we now see how people really are and how their lifestyles are. In my opinion, there are some elements that can describe a virtual “friend “in social media these days and they are: personal posting, unknown identity, and ego. The first element that describes a virtual friend in today’s new social networking world is personal posting. On the internet, we see posts about our friends, and we can see how they really are, react, and how their lifestyles are. Profiles are huge sources of information we can find online, they are like how Chris Almeida’s article says, “Profiles are what people want you to see.” Some people like to post so many pictures online because they want you to see how their lives are, and they tell you, “These are my friends! I have an active social life!” to explain you they are having a great time and are posting those pictures to show you that. There are also people that like to post their feelings and statuses like Chris Almeida’s article explains, “Some people are easy to read, posting statuses or tweets that flatly give their emotional states for the whole world to see.” These types of “friends” we have in our…

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