Personal Philosophy Of The Classroom Essays

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Hypothetical Class The hypothetical class that I have chosen is a 4th grade classroom. In this classroom there are 25 students. The schedule includes 90 minutes of reading with a paraprofessional, co-teaching for three hours a day with Mrs. Smith during reading and math, and short recess break during the co-teaching time. Some students who require extra help are five English-language learners, three students with Individual Education Plans (IEP) for other-healthy impairment for attention-deficit behaviors, and a student with high functioning autism. Personal Philosophy According to the research students with disabilities are more likely to have behavior struggles. (Scott, Anderson, & Alter, 2012) Even though students are prevalent to misbehavior does not give the students clearance to misbehave. It allows for the teacher to structure the classroom in a proactive way to create fewer opportunities for the students to misbehave. I maintain high standards for my students with disabilities by encouraging them to accomplish more than he/she has accomplished before. Encouraging students should be done as positively as possible. Teaching special education allows me to incorporate social skills in my daily lessons. My classroom has three life rules to remember. 1. You are kind, you are smart, and you are important. This quote is the grammatically correct version of a quote from the movie, The Help (2011). Many of my students very low self-esteem. 2. Respect each other. I have…

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