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 Personal Philosophy of Supervision Grand Canyon University Developmental Supervision EDA-551 Holbeck May 12, 2014 Personal Philosophy of Supervision I believe that each student is a person who needs a safe, caring, and stimulating environment in which they can grow emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially. As a teacher it is my desire that each student reached their fullest potential in each of these areas by providing them a warm, safe, caring and cooperative

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As a future supervisor I will want to have control of what is happening within the school I am in supervising. This can range from the curriculum being used, approving leave slips, and evaluating new and experienced staff in the school. Why directive informational is the style for me is it still offers ideas at the end of the day for the teacher. But, all the options offered where directed by the current supervisor. When a teacher, especially a new teacher, is having classroom management issues and has not been able to get them under control, a supervisor needs to be aware of this situation and step in. By stepping in an administrator can watch over the class as the teacher instructs and then have a reflection time on ways for the teacher to gain control of the class. This could range from time management, proximity, and/or discipline issues. By giving the teacher three different ideas of how to handle classroom management, it enables the teacher to choose the option that will best fit their personal style of teaching. As a supervisor one will be content with the choice of the teacher, since all three of the options where directed by the supervisor himself.
Directive informational approach is a great way for new staff to learn. Being shown different ways to control or instruct a class still gives the new teacher power over what is happening in their classroom. When the Bobby Knight approach is taken, “My way or the highway”
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