Essay on Personal Philosophy : Nursing Philosophy

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Personal Nursing Philosophy A personal nursing philosophy should consist of thoughts, values, and beliefs that are directed towards nursing practice and patient care. The personal philosophy that deems to be true is that nursing care should be safe, involves a therapeutic relationship, and is personalized to the patient’s needs and cultural background. In order to gain an understanding of this personal philosophy it is important to understand the concepts of the four nursing metaparadigms. The purpose of this paper is to describe the four metaparadigms and identify the factors that guide the personal philosophy.
Factors Influencing the Personal Nursing Philosophy The three factors that were found to influence the personal nursing philosophy include accountability, professionalism, and compassion (Kutin, 2013). Accountability is very important because it reveals that nurses are accepting a responsibility to their patient. Nurses must be competent and able to recognize what is within their scope of practice to provide safe patient care. Professionalism is another key factor because it ensures that nurses are providing evidence based practice, using teamwork, and keeping up to date with education, and learning new and improved skills. Compassion requires the delivery of quality care with utmost respect and patience for all individuals of all lifestyles (Kutin, 2013). Having compassion as a nurse allows a better connection with a patient; there is a better understanding…

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