Personal Note On Personal Factors Essay

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Personal factors are a key part in what makes a teacher a teacher and does, in fact influence their work. Personal factors can include but are not limited to age, gender, personality, and beliefs. As a new teacher, one of the primary concerns they generally have is surviving on a day to day basis. They constantly are wondering, “Will my students respect me?” or “Will I be able to maintain the class with a fair amount of control?” Often, first year teachers have a difficult time figuring out how much power they should have in the classroom, often either being too strict or too lax. When teachers begin to question their own choices, the children will begin to see that and act accordingly. These worries are brought on by not knowing what will occur when you have your own classroom for the first time. However, these woes go down progressively as one teaches beginning as early as the first two years of teaching. In both urban and non urban settings, the rankings of self concerns go down. While there are still concerns, teachers have a better sense that the longer they teach, the more they can maintain a classroom. A teacher’s personality can carry the weight of the classroom, but without looking at the task of teaching, itself, there would not be much for the teacher to do. Personality can influence how you teach in many ways. While every student learns in a different way, we must find a way to change our teaching style to make sure that every study has an equal opportunity to…

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