Personal Note On Peer Pressure Essay

1115 Words Jul 11th, 2015 null Page
“No! I am not going to listen to you. I am going with my friends” Every parents fears a day when their children disobey them for a group of friends and most parents instantly agree that this is all because of their friends or because of peer pressure. Peer Pressure is the one word that most parents, teachers, wives used to “describe” someone who go with their friends. So the word is actually considered as negatively. Every person is independent and all have their own thinking and personality, but humans in this world is somewhat depend on each other, it is the rule of the nature. And if we think deeply, we all are dependent in a group where we accept and reject both good and bad. As per human nature, they have a tendency to be with every kind of dependence or to belong in a group. Humans belong to multiple groups and today, in this world, possible groups include society, country, and school and so on. So as a citizen of the different group, everyone has to undergo some kind of pressure or circumstances, that can affect us both badly and goodly. So what is Peer Pressure or in a simple terms, is it another definition of influence? The interpretation of peer pressure goes beyond its actual meaning of "getting influenced by someone ' ', it also includes solace, strength, devotion and many other positive experience. Every time, when the world “Peer Pressure” comes to our mind, usually people would think its definition in a negative way even though the general interpretation…

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