Personal Note On My Grandmother 's Parents Essay

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While researching information for this project, I went through struggles to learn more about my grandmother’s parents. It seems as if my grandmother’s parents died at an early age, or just were not that well know throughout their lifetimes. The only information I have been provided through interviews with relatives, is that my great-grandmother’s name is Lestha Spencer, which ultimately means that my great-grandfather’s last name is Walker. Birthdates, death dates, and places lived are all unavailable, and I have utilized “” for support, and yet, still no information. Although, my family is large in numbers, somehow and for some reason relatives only know meager to no information about my grandmother’s parents. In contrast, the information I have learned about my grandfather’s parents was easily accessible and allowed me to discover unique characteristics about my family and myself.

Head of the household, self-employed farm owner and contributor to the building of a new spiritual building was my great-grandfather (grandfather’s parent), Riley B. Cooper Sr. He was born on August 15, 1893 and was an African-American male who lived in Weeksville, North Carolina for the majority of his life. According to my mother’s first cousin Lonnie Melton, both he and his wife, Hestor Sutton, had traces of Cherokee Indian through previous generations. In order to support his wife and seven children, Riley Cooper became a farm owner where he prospered through cotton and corn…

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