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Madiha is six years old. Her birthday is March twenty-ninth. Madiha enjoys reading books and doing her homework. She loves to play with her friends.
Once upon a time, there was a girl named Mia. Every day, she would go to her aunt's house. Every day, she thought the walk was boring.
Until one day, she went to a shop, and she found a beautiful rug. She took the rug home, and she found out that it was a magic carpet.
She flew everywhere. She went to India to see an elephant. She went to Bangladesh to eat mangoes.
From then on, she always used the magic carpet to get around town. She took it to her aunt's house and even to school every day!

Avianna was born in March 2007. She enjoys riding horses, reading, and spending time with friends. Avianna loves her family, her fluffy dog named Banjo, and her horse named Gladys. Her
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A cool, November wind blew at the nape of my neck. I bundled further into my scarf, pulling my beautiful children closer. We stood in front of my father's gravestone, with tears rolling down our cheeks.
I was only nine when he went off to war. He had always been there for me whenever I fell down, whenever I was in pain. But he was about to disappear. I couldn't wake up on Saturday mornings and jump on his bed to wake him up. He couldn't take me out for ice cream, or to the CN Tower, or even sing to me at night when I couldn't fall asleep. He was gone. Another river of tears ran down my numb face.
My daughter squeezed me in a tight embrace. "I'm sorry, Mom," her tenor voice carried out above the wind. "You and Grandpa must have been really close."
I nodded. "Yes, Tara, my little girl. Your grandfather and I were the best of friends."
There was another gust of wind, blowing bronze leaves towards us. My son, Harry, glanced upward into the cyan sky. I followed his gaze, and to my bewilderment, my youngest child was regarding the Canadian flag as it waved vigorously in the tempest-like

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