Personal Narrative Summas: The Story Of Mamita

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I was crying on my grandmother’s shoulder excessively for about an hour before I could speak, “Why did he leave grandma? Why didn’t he say goodbye?” I couldn’t breathe as I said this, it felt as if my whole world was crashing down. My grandmother was hugging me wiping away my tears when she began to say, “mi amor (my love) I wish I could answer that question. He’s my son and I don’t even know why he left to Florida” as my grandmother said this I could see the pain in her eyes. She never cried when dealing with situations like this, she stood strong which I admired. I began to crawl on my grandmothers lap when I said, “will he ever come back? Will we ever be able to spend time with him again?” my grandmothers face tightened as she gathered up her words to say, “listen to me Tatiana, whether your father comes back or not just know you have me. I know its hard baby but I promise you I’ll never leave your side. Now come on I made your favorite sopitas (soup)” as my grandmother said this I lifted for joy, her sopitas were my favorite.
My grandmother Carmen Fontanez grew up in a
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With her ex-husband not being financially or emotionally there for her two boys it was extremely hard to provide, but Mamita did it! Mamita got a job packaging food. She finally started to wear makeup, made new friends, and finally started to enjoy her life the right way. Mamita never wanted to have her kids grow up in a broken home and have her family feel like she sinned, but she knew if she could overcome any obstacle so can her boys. Mamita did everything she could for her boys even if that meant giving up her last dollar just to make sure her boys were fed and taken care of. Mamita was a person of ambition someone who got the job done even if it was a hard task to

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