Motivational Speech Class Analysis

I remember enrolling into a speech class. The new school told me it was required to graduate, and I wanted to graduate, so of course I took it… I always avoided being the person who spoke in front of the class. I was scared that people would think I was illiterate because of my limited vocabulary, and lack of language skills compared to my peers, but I figured it couldn’t be too dreadful. On the first day, the teacher assigned the class an informative speech over a topic of our choice. Interested in the human brain, I chose to do my speech over lucid dreaming. I spent multiple nights researching until I got all of my information together. I wrote down the materials I needed to know on my notecards and rehearsed; everything that I would normally do to prepare myself for a presentation in any other class. I walked into speech timidly on presentation day, and sat down at the fourth desk in the second row. I doubted why I was …show more content…
It took me twelve years of schooling, thirteen if you count kindergarten, to realize how powerful language really is. In that moment, when I had all eyes on me, I realized how absurd it was for me to be frightened by speaking, or, more specifically, words. Language is an amazing thing, that not everyone in this world has the opportunity to experience the beauty of. The elegance of language is so powerful. It’s insane to think that you can have two different people say the exact same word, yet it can be perceived so differently because of a person 's language. The tone of your voice, your facial expressions, a person’s literacy level, and so much more can affect a person’s “language”. Instead of loving language, I was scared of it. I realized through that speech that you do not need to fear what others think of your language, but, instead, love and appreciate the fact that you have been educated enough to comprehend language because it is a beautiful thing to be blessed

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