Personal Narrative-Peanut Girl

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‘Plonk’ the smell of my mum’s homemade peanut chicken curry mixed with textbook ink, escalated through the school locker rooms.
"There you go, just what you wanted textbooks coated in foul-smelling yellow slop!" Teased Samantha
The feelings of sorrow and despair emerged inside my empty broken heart, I would simply rather be back starving in the Sudanese civil war with menacing storms of missiles buzzing through the detrimental/contaminated air than living in this new inequitable/prejudiced/bigot foreign country.
I desperately tried to escape by leaping out of the locker room…‘splat’ there I lay in front of hundreds of mocking school students in an enormous food pile, like a splatter of yellow chunky vomit. I was a brown monkey in a circus show. A strong wounding pain consequently arouse on my knee along with humiliating yellow food stains over my mother's black toob.
"Amal, calling you clumsy would be a callous insult to all the clumsy people! Stumbling over your own textbooks is so pathetic." Mocked Samantha's phoney
A huge
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My doleful eyes were painfully bleeding, filling enormous buckets of blood. I willed the ground to open and swallow me down. The fusty smell of old leather seats and rubber floor mats drifted/ roamed/wandered through my nostrils. The ruthless/unrelenting hyenas on the bus didn’t make room for a single seat, just ignored me and continually snickered. If evilness had a voice, this humiliating/lampooning/deriding snickering would make it whimper in fear. "Any similarity between you and a human being is purely coincidental!" Insulted Emily. I deeply plunged into deep despair. I was a solitary outcast lizard/wild boar/ wildebeest being malevolently devoured/eaten away by the ferocious

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