Personal Narrative On Asthma

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*Beep beep beep* As I managed to partially open my groggy eyes I was acutely aware of the machines at my bedside tables pumping fluids into me. My body felt as if it was covered in lead. While I was blinking to clear my vision I heard a voice, as though it was underwater. It was a doctor telling my parents what they already knew. His voice continually punctuated by the sounds of the machines keeping me alive. My arm twitched, the sharp needle was uncomfortably cold against my feverish skin. I feel a reassuring hand on my arm as I sink below the haze of drugs. I was three months old when I was diagnosed with asthma, and ever since my life has been a whirlwind of doctor's visits, hospitals, and medication. I had severe asthma, which meant that I would almost always have problems. Growing up, I never knew much about the disease I had, never cared to--I was more focused on breathing. With weeks of my life being spent at the hospital, I didn’t have a typical childhood. I could be on up to ten medications a day to keep my lungs open and help my immune system fight off whatever version of the flu I had. I would get pneumonia at least once a year and every cold anyone's ever heard of. I ended up missing so much school my mom got several letters from the truancy officer. At home I had an oximetrrat that would …show more content…
I interviewed some fellow asthmaers and found that their families had rushed them to the hospital in their early childhood. Matthew Barfuss had his parents heart rates up when he was five years old. In an interview with him on May 9 he said, “I do in fact, have asthma.” Matthew Barfuss had long struggled with asthma in childhood from age 3 till six. “It wasn't until recently it resurfaced.” Matthew said in a sceptical tone I asked him some of his triggers and that included exercise, wheat, and illnesses. Soon after he was prescribed an inhaler common for kids with

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