Personal Narrative : My Grandmother 's Voice Essay

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My Grandmother’s Voice

As a child I was always confused by the characteristics of my grandmother, whom I called Mommom. I was born an analyzer. My determination of whether someone was a friend or foe was always by process of careful analysis. Not that I would ever come to a conclusion of this analysis within a short meeting. My analysis of a person always had much thought and consideration. However, I found it difficult to analysis my Mommom when I was growing up. She was firm, a natural born perfectionist. Conversely, she was also gentle: The kind of grandmother who demanded that my mom let her take me out for a day of leisure on a whim. I can see much of her personality carried on through me. She is a clear root of many of my mannerisms, my perfectionism and my determination for example. Yet I still do not understand the root of her mannerisms. Though, I wonder if, from an older and hopefully wiser perspective, if I can go back through my childhood memories and the stories I heard about my grandmother to try to perform such analysis of her personality.

I recall one incident in particular that I can consider. After she has asked me to hang up two towels in her guest bathroom I remember her asking, "Is that how your mother taught you to hang up a towel?” I didn 't reply to this, because the truth is my mother never taught me how to hang up a towel. This incident might have been the first time in my entire life anyone asked me to hang up a towel for…

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