Personal Narrative : My Brothers Story Essay

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My Brothers story Celebration,
The day he was born was a happy day for my family. It was a warm sunny day in July. The entire family was there, baby cousins, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, every form of family there is. As soon as Luke was born everyone was elated. We had a new member of the family, he was perfect. An adorable little bundle of joy. We were all happy and full of excitement. I had a younger brother and my parents had a son. At first I really disliked him because I didn’t want another brother, I liked our family. Then, as soon as he came home I fell in love. I felt like he was the perfect younger brother, a doll that I could play with. Laughing, cooing and being an adorable brother. Babysteps,
A couple years later he had just started to crawl, he was a bit slow but we assumed he was just slower. I remember, it was a couple days before my birthday when we would go to visit my grandma. We were going around our daily life when my mom left him near his toys and he started to crawl. When I told my family they were brimming with excitement. It was a happy day. Three days later it was finally the day we were waiting for, the day we’d go to visit my grandma with him. We got to the airport and I was so excited because it was my first time on a plane, I was 5. We boarded the plane and sat in our seats. The flight attendant went through the routine and we took off. The flight was long and I got bored but my mom let me hold Luke, which kept me entertained.…

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