Essay on Personal Narrative : ' M ' The Man '

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In August of 2002, I stepped on the campus of William G. Enloe Magnet High School with an unrealistic perception. Nike Air Force Ones, baggy jeans and long white tees were a staple in my daily attire. With 360 waves spinning around my head and a flip phone in my pocket, I used to say, “I’m the man.”
Young and naive, I fell into a closed mindset that revolved around obtaining material things and satisfying the egos of family, friends and myself. Purchasing expensive clothes all were a smokescreen, hiding the underlying issues that I faced. A low self-esteem, carelessness and even depression were just a few barriers that kept me in a state of despair. Like many other students, I struggled to motivate and encourage myself to get through another hectic day. Unfortunately, at the time there were no characteristics in me that set me apart from the average high school student.
Each day I became exceedingly accustomed to strife, quarrels, and disheartening moments. Brawls broke out in front of me between students who believed their “beef” was more important than completing their education. Coupled on top of personal distractions, the strong animosity that filled the hallways and classrooms left me fearful and unfocused. What was troublesome about my development was I had no goals and no desire to make any.
I had a daunting decision to make. On one hand, I could surrender control of my future to other people and circumstances. On the other hand, I could use the gifts and…

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