Personal Narrative: When I Changed From A Child As An Adult

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I remember when I changed from a child into an adult as if it was yesterday, and it wasn 't one of my fondest memories. Growing up as the middle child and the only girl I had it the hardest. I didn 't get along with any of my parents, siblings, or any family for that matter. I was painfully shy and some of the men in my family took advantage of that. I was very young the first time I was molested and when my family found out about it they either blamed me for it. So I never mentioned it again, and I grew very resentful. I withdrew from everyone and fell into deep depression. As I got older my depression got worst, but my parents didn 't seem to care. Maybe they thought I was just acting out. They singled me out more between my brothers, …show more content…
She to had went through a similar childhood experience so she was easy to open up to. She didn 't like the way my family treated me and together we hatched what we called my escape plan. We planned out how I was going to run away once I turned 18. She and my brother would let me come stay with them until I went to college. Well the closer it came to that time I started having second thoughts about it, but she wouldn 't let me change my mind. I was so distressed at home that I went along with it. On the day of my 18th birthday they came and picked me up while my parents were gone to work and my other brothers were still asleep. I left my letter explaining why I was leaving. I cried the whole way there and probably for the first few days. I avoided my parents phone calls until they stopped …show more content…
My now sister-in-law started treating me differently, wanting me to do everything clean up everything while she did nothing. It was like living at home with my parents. Eventually the tension was to much and she decided she didn 't want me to be there anymore. I was out on my own because I couldn 't go back home and was barely working. I found a really cheap apartment with my boyfriend and shortly after I relieved the most precious gift ever. I found out I was pregnant. I was so scared because I had just made up with my parents, and I knew it would upset them because they hated my boyfriend. Well needless to say they were livid. My mom came around quickly but my father didn 't, and because he didn 't she really didn 't come around as much. Then on Feb 20 2006 at 7:08 am after an painful, long, intense labor of 2 hours I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl and after looking in her eyes it seemed everything was right in the world. It made everything I went through worth it because she was here. My parents came down to see her and although we still had our differences they fell in love with my little china doll. I then had my second child in 2009, a boy, and it seemed like the depression that I had throughout childhood and my early adulthood was all but forgotten. My depression was an on and off again battle but for the most part I had my kids and that was all that mattered. Sometimes memories aren 't

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