Personal Narrative: Why I Go Back To My Cell

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guilty, I would put it into action. It was three long day's before the case really started to pick up speed, to only have the brakes put on it as the judge post-pones the case for the prosecutors to come up with more evidence. Meanwhile I thought about the consequences for this plan, the day finally came too an end and we all headed out. Clearly I'm going back too my cell. At this point I've only slightly gotten over my parents death, its sad too know they're gone, but I knew they were gonna soon, one way or another. My parents were old as it was, they gave birth to me at 38 and they weren't the healthiest of people, but it still really hit me hard. Afterwards, we got back to the jail cells and I went too my cell with three other people. The …show more content…
We all were assigned a task, Bram was the one too find police uniforms for everyone, she worked laundry, it shouldn't be too hard. Dara was the one to find the cell key, she had a guard who really like her. Sidney was the one to find a way for us to get out, she used to be an engineer. That was the easy part, figuring out the plan, but to complete it, was gonna take brains over brawn. 10 days past by and almost everything was complete. The last thing was too put it into action. This is going to be the biggest thing I have ever done in my life, but I knew I wasn't going to rot in jail.
Finally, it was the day that it was too happen, we just needed too wait till dark. Everyone was pretty nervous, not only because it was going to gain huge news coverage, but we could be shot at my the guards. Luckily, today I wasn't permitted to go to the court, the judged didn't allow it. We went out to the court yard where almost everyone else was, we could all go over the plan, we were totally ready. We had all gained each others trust and friendship, we knew we were in this deep. We were sent back inside to the lunch room, then back to the cells where Bram handed us all our suits and some hair ties since female prison guards were never a thing. Dara had the stolen key in hand, Sidney reminded us all what we were too do.
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We drove most of the night and ditched the bus down an old lane that looked like it hadn't been used in years. We all slept, exhausted from the long night. There was a search that had gone on for weeks, but none of us were caught. As the years went on, the case was dropped. As for me, I'm well, I'm still trying not to stir up any commotion up and now I just live a pretty normal, life now, I'm almost 38. Bram, Dara and Sidney are some of my best friends, I have no idea what Greta is up too. But since then, I've valued life a lot more and gotten a sense of freedom, in the new identity I've created for

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