Personal Narrative Essay: To Stop A Halloween Thief

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To Stop a Halloween Thief
The boy's name is brady. Brady is a fourteen year old eighth grader who is passing out candy on Halloween. Alongside him is his best friend Cam. The two boys have been passing out candy for about an hour now and they were starting to get tired when they saw a couple of Juniors driving in a pickup truck snatching candy from the little kids on the street. Brady instantly recognized the three guys. The driver was Tommy,a starter on the high school football team. The other two were Tommy’s friends that pretty much did anything he said to do. There names were Colin and Dylan and same with Tommy they were also on the football team. Cam and I stood on my front porch wondering if we should just let them get away with it or
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Cam did the same thing. Within seconds we decided to stop them and return all of the candy back to the kids. The only problems were that they were in a car and we had no clue what cul de sac they would hit next. So we left the bowl on the top step of the porch and ran to the garage to grab our bikes. The first thing we needed to do was find out what cul de sacs they had already hit. The two of us rode our bikes to the top of the cul-de-sac and stare down the left and right directions of the road wonder which way to go first. We finally decided to go down the left side of the road and we started looking for trick-or-treaters that had already been robbed of their candy.It wasn't long before we stumbled across a little girl that was crying because she had no candy in her bucket. Pull up alongside the girls and ask her why was she crying. Then she told us the three older boys and taking her candy and rode off in the opposite direction she was walking. So now that we knew the juniors had stole the candy from all the kids on the right side of the neighborhood we knew we were going in the right direction. Since Tommy and his friends were driving in his truck we figured by now he was a full cul-de-sac ahead of us so instead of riding down the nearest cul de sac we kept on …show more content…
Not wanting Tommy to figure out that we were following them we backed our bikes up and waited for them to come out of the cul-de-sac. It didn't take long for the truck to roll out of the cul-de-sac on to the open road. Now noticing that Colin and Dylan had gone from the bed of the truck to the inside we decided it was our chance to take the candy back. To get closer to the truck we had to pedal even harder than we were before. We paddled right up behind the truck and grabbed the back with one hand and steered our bikes with the other. Curious to see how much candy they add Stolen I peared into the back of the truck and gaze down upon hundreds of candy bars. The amount of candy that I saw in the back of a truck looked like it was equivalent to 5 streets worth of candy. Now realizing the amount of candy we were dealing with I told Cam that I would have to crawl into the bed of the truck and hand him the candy from the inside. At first he disagreed with the plan but then when no other idea presented itself he gave in. With my hand still on the back of the truck I place my left foot onto the bumper and pulled myself onto the truck. I turned my head around in time to see my bike roll to the

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