Personal Narrative: Summer Leane Leftwich

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November 12 1999. That is the day it all began. A new mom holds her baby girl and she names her Summer Leane Leftwich. She thought that she was the most perfect child in existence, but she doesn 't understand how quick the time will fly, and what 's she looks forward to in the future, will soon be nothing but memories. I started to grow, very quickly. By the time I was only one and a half, my mother gave birth to her second child autumn brooke leftwich. We grew up together and were best friends. We never really wanted to be away from each other. We lived with our parents in a tiny house in clarence missouri. I would play in our toy room together doing things we probably shouldn 't have been doing, like climbing on top of the book shelf. One …show more content…
I watched her go from my happy sister to a tiny frail little girl who couldn 't even hold food down.I shaved my head so she wouldn 't feel so out of place, but people continued to say I did it for attention. It broke my heart and this is when my depression got out of hand.
One night as I rode the bus home, I broke down into tears and had my first anxiety attack. This is also when I first talked to one of the greatest people I know. He walked up and sat next to me and talked to me for about three hours on the way home from the band competition. It was the first time in almost two years that I had a real conversation with someone about how I felt.
He convinced me to go to church. At first I thought it was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard and there was no way I was going. I hadn 't been to church since my grandma died six years ago. A couple weeks later I found myself sitting in the christian church pews waiting for church to start. It went pretty well so I decided that I would go
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I hadn 't been self harming for a few months and I was very proud of myself. I started to encourage people to go to church with me and I found a lot of happiness in going.
I soon got with a new guy at the school and I thought he was a really cool guy. But I started to realize that he wasn 't such a good guy, but I thought that we were going to be together for a really long time. When I found out that he was cheating on me I got so angry that I started to go back to the way I used to

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