First Day In Highschool

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The first day of Highschool is perhaps one of the most memorable days of your life. Walking into a new big building, being assigned a locker, and shown your schedule, the hustle, and bustle of kids running back and forth to their classes, the laughter echoing around the halls. And then you, standing in the middle of it all it feels almost as if you were on pause and the rest of the world continued to play. Feeling alone, frightened, but at the same time excited. For me, it was that and much more.
. The first day was mostly uneventful. I casually strolled through the halls trying my very best not to look as if I were a new incoming sophomore. However, I soon learned that I was as obvious as they come. Fortunately, my best friend from
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I remember as the year came to a closing and our teachers, and principals were bidding us adieu. I was hit with a stark realization that my best friend wasn’t to be staying in America for the summer. It makes sense if you were to step back and really, truly think about it. However I was just caught up in the joys of friendship and had no time to think about the reality of life. I sadly sad goodbye to my best friend at the end of the school year. We hugged squeezing the daylights out of each other. As she turned and walked toward her gate to get on the plane I waved one last silent goodbye and turned to leave. I reminisced about our good times, how we had met the first day, nerves flying to and fro. I reminisced about how we used to share tight fisted giggles in class in order to not disturb the teacher. I reminisced about how we used to sit in bed together and talk about our latest crushes. But most of all I reminisced about what it was like to have a best friend so close I considered her a sister. So while most people remember their first day, or the embarrassing things that may have happened on that day, or the joyous events, or even their first back to school outfit. I too will remember those things, but most of all I’ll remember the lifelong best friend that I made my first year of

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