Personal Narrative Essay: The Blue Reef System

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It was 2016 July the 3rd min after I got on the wrong plane. It’s commence when i felt a purpose to live life years from now I sense I will die young and be buried upside down amongst the Canadian soil dirt. The flight attendant who knew the whole time I was on the wrong plane, tells me after i was off but she might of had problems she kept laughing, five in the morning, followed me to the bathroom and chased me back. After those occurred I somehow ended in “The Hawaii” but I had to wait until my hired research group came exactly tomorrow with all the gears. I had brought a waterproof camera drone with a controller and a snorkel for my snorkeling for the day, because I was so willingly to commence Sands away from my building, I walked stepped …show more content…
Each one of us were all really tired, think of it all they did was swimming that was no help. I sued them the next day they were all gone, no use to me, all of them became homeless I came across one of them on the street, I took no pity and give her a candy wrapper, one of them took my drone except they didn’t take its controller with it so I have the upper hand right here. Next day was filming of my own documentary I felt like I need to show what underwater paradise lies amongst us,and so I took out my waterproof cam record and scuba dived, snapped a pic of a nearby seahorse, octopus and fishys those were some rare moments and while I was in a area filled with corals reef everywhere I took a sample and examined it. Found out that despite its importance it suffers from degradation while marine debris and impacts from fisheries are causing problems in the uninhabited Northwestern hawaiian. And that the reef ecosystem feeds, shelter and provides habitats for fish, protects the shoreline from waves and sand erosions and creates Hawaii’s famous white sand beaches and underwater

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