Personal Narrative Essay - Original Writing

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Personal Narrative There are many times in a person’s life when you have to assert your independence. An example of this would be the tasks of taking care of yourself, taking care of another person, or even something as big as moving out of your parents’ house. Or maybe you learned a new skill that you can do independently such as getting a job, doing your own laundry, cooking for yourself, or getting your driver’s license. These independent assertions may seem small but they are quite big steps in life. It is apart of growing up and it is you as an individual, taking off your training wheels so you can ride on your own. My independent assertion is taking care of my two younger siblings: Heather and Crystal.
Growing up with five siblings is quite the adventure. My parents got divorced when I was five years old so that left my single mother with her three kids. My mother had two part time jobs; she worked so hard and often that home sometimes did not feel like home because we never got to see her. I used to always wait at the foot of the stairs for her to come home. Sometimes I would stay up late enough and other nights, I fell asleep waiting. My older brother, Tony, and sister, Cathy, were put in charge and they mainly taught me everything I needed to know from cooking to cleaning and even teamwork because we had always worked together to succeed. They were not the best role models but they did everything in their power to keep me happy. I believe that the responsibility…

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