Personal Narrative Essay: My Favorite Place By The River

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Ever since I was little my favorite place has been the Wapsi. The Wapsi is a river but there is a spot by the river that is heaven to me. This spot is where my dad owns 5 acres of property, where I can ride four-wheelers, shoot guns, go fishing, go boating, go swimming, and raise livestock without anyone ever noticing.
My dad is going to give me this property once I graduate high school. There is only one stipulation; I have to keep a 3.0 or higher which isn’t a problem for me so far. There is a pond that he and I dug by ourselves with an excavator and a dump truck, and hauled all of the dirt up to the front of the property and built a mound. Last weekend we took that project even further and made the mound even higher so a flood would never get over it, because this property is in the flood plains.
In total I have had a total of about fifteen four-wheelers. I currently have two four-wheelers that I ride. The one that is 100% mine is a red 2004 Honda 250 EX. This is a racing four-wheeler and it is the most reliable four-wheeler that I have ever had, It starts in very cold weather and rides just like it would on a 75˚ day. 2 years ago I put
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My dad has a flat boat with a mercury twenty-five horsepower engine. If you want to go boating, you have to know the river because there are many hidden logs that will wreck your day and your propeller on the engine. When the river is low like it usually is there are hidden sand bars too. When you get stuck on them it is hard to get your boat off of them. With a boat you can also go bank lining, this is when you get a steel rod or a strong stick, you tie strong string or thin rope around it and put a weight and hook on the string and try to catch big catfish on it to eat. For bait you use smaller fish a put the hook threw their back so they can still move and catfish love moving targets. The biggest catfish I’ve ever seen caught on one was eighty

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