Personal Narrative Essay: I Want To Save My Mother

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Lord please save my mother.
Lord let her get better; she has to see me grow up.
I just want to be a happy family.
I just want my mother
Those were the first words I said to myself on February 01, 2004 the day my mother died. As images of my mother’s smile flashed through my head on the day it happened. I haven’t even opened my eyes yet but all the things I loved about her are flying through my head, along with white birds and a huge heart that is broken. As I made my way to the bathroom my sister asked me what’s wrong, the fear of saying that I felt like I lost my life line. Something inside of me was missing and sadness filled my body; reaching in into my soul. I sat on the toilet praying to God, please save her , she isn’t perfect but she
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Feeling like I didn’t belong in my family, there were times when I was so happy and it was me and my sisters against the world. We would play “house” and somebody would be the mom, the dad, and a teacher. If my sister Shanteria was the teacher she would create fake homework, and we would do it and had to get them all right and get graded on it. We took lunch which was the best part we would take the fan press our mouth close to it and place a stick in it so it makes that raggedly sound, and say “welcome to McDonalds can I take your order “to give the effects of being in a drive thru and these were best moments of my …show more content…
Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas will never be the same. The moments of laughter will now only be memories. I remember we took a family vacation to Disney world, while everybody else enjoyed Magic Kingdom me and mother went sightseeing and to the other parks and I couldn’t get over the idea of theses freak size characters. I kicked, stomped, ran off got lost and watched as my sister and other people stared and laughed. We spent seven hours painting, making clown balloons, eating candy and we rode the same rides over and over. We watched the same shows back to back I even took a nap and she patiently waited. Whenever one of the characters was near my mother would toss me high and tickle me saying “you are a bird, how high can you fly”. She told me the story about a Bird and a bee, and how life can get tough and hard to get through but as long as I fight and push, everything will be alright. She told me stories of her child hood and made me promise to never tell, father and the others didn’t need to

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