Personal Narrative Essay: I Love Art

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I love art.

The rain harshly battered on the window that night, keeping me wide awake. As Mom was cooking downstairs, I ventured into her room in hopes of finding something to keep me occupied in the stormy night. Then I saw it. A “paintbrush” sitting on her desk and a blank “canvas” next to it, waiting to be claimed by a certain mini Picasso. I climbed onto a towering chair, grasped the brush with nimble fingers, then wobbled towards the canvas. After hard contemplation and a deep breath, I gave it a go.

A line here.
A line there.
A line everywhere.

I stepped back to admire my masterpiece. I thought it was so amazing that it could match the smile of Mona Lisa. Soon, I heard footsteps on the staircase, and I snapped back to reality. Uh
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Then in came my mom with a horrified face and the typical scoldings. Yet, even after the whole fiasco, nothing could deter me from my newfound craze. I learned two things that day. One: I will never vandalize again. Two: I found a new passion, art. I now apply this skill to almost every aspects from my life, from showing sketches to my family to presenting artsy projects in front of classes. From being a casual notebook doodler to a state art competitor. From a clueless girl with no direction in life to an aspiring illustrator. From a little art rebel to a real artist. However, I later discovered a second zeal.

I love science
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Consequently, I entered a high school magnet program that piqued my interest: health science. Specifically, human biology. Back when kids were watching SpongeBob and Sesame Street, I was watching Discovery Channel and Animal Planet. There was something about the realms of life that allures me. Concurrently, I still could not let go of art. I was stuck between the two.

Now back to the chimp. It was sophomore year when I took an anatomy and physiology class. My teacher assigned a project--a virtual chimpanzee dissection, where we research several organ systems of the chimpanzee, identify the function of each organ, and compare it to the human anatomy. The best part was, “You will also be required to draw the anatomy of both the chimp and the human.” Unlike the other students who moaned in agony, I was ecstatic. At first, this was just another project where I can lash out my creativity. I did not expect that it will open a door to a new career

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