Personal Narrative Essay: My Adidas Journey

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Personal Narrative Essay #1 I found myself under a full moon, rolling on the ground, desperately trying to put out the flames on my Adidas track pants. Our journey began on a regular Saturday evening, three friends who were thirsty for an adventure. The objective was to head to the local hiking trail and construct a bridge over the river of this trail. We brought the necessary equipment in order to cut down trees to use for this makeshift bridge. This includes a handsaw, a hatchet, and in case it got too dark for us to work, a bottle of gasoline to light up a makeshift tiki torch. We took Tommy’s red 2016 Scion tC, I sat in the back while my friend Hung sat in the passenger seat. Just before we were about to get on Highway 6 and head straight to the trail on Cullinan Park, the sun started to set. For some odd reason I started to get this cold sensation in my body, almost as if I knew something bad was going to come out of this. I reacted impulsively by moving my leg up and down, as the AC from the front attacked me with its sharp blizzard winds. I didn’t mention this to my friends at the time, …show more content…
It took me a second to absorb the information and process that I was on fire at the moment. So instinctively my initial reaction was to call back the knowledge of safety procedure that I’ve learned from school, to help me in this time of need. “Drop down and roll around on the dirt” did not worked. As I was rolling around, desperately trying to put out the fire on my Adidas track pants, my friends were occupied on whatever that they deemed more important than trying to put out the flaming human rolling on the ground. After five long seconds or so, the pain started to kick in and I had enough. I immediately jumped up and group the waistband of my pants and pulled down everything, and that did the trick. The flames were abolished and I was butt naked in the

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