Personal Narrative: Deciding To Change

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There is a time in your life when you come to the realization that you are not pleased with the person you are, or feel yourself turning into. To me it happened very early in my life. At the age of 15 I decided to reinvent myself. Deciding to change was something that was easier said than done,but it was the best decision I have ever made.

I have always been overweight ever since I was young. Did it affect me? Of course it did! Even as young as 10 years old, I have been self conscious about my weight. It’s absolutely shocking how cruel children can be. I have been called a handful of mean names: pig, fat, whale, and fat lard. That 's just to name a few. That 's not to mention the mean names I would call myself. Sometimes your biggest
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The conclusion I came to was that this is not a life I wanted, nor the life that I deserved. I wanted to change, but I was so scared about sharing how I felt. I’ve kept this secret hidden for so long, and I wasn 't sure how anyone would react. What if I was wrong?Am I actually depressed? Was I overreacting? Maybe it was just a little rough patch. I had to tell someone I fully trusted and that would actually take action, and cares about my well being. Then I decided that the one person who absolutely has to know is my …show more content…
It sounds ridiculous. “Thinking positive is not going to help, there 's a dark cloud surrounding me that doesn 't allow me to be positive, or even I have nothing positive to think about” were the things I would tell myself. I convinced myself that this famous piece of advice given to people suffering with depression was stupid and could never work. Until one day, I thought to myself “ you know what, it couldn 't hurt to try it out.” So I tried it out. When a bad thought would jump in my brain I would quickly replace it with a good one. “Ugh I look so fat today; no you don’t, you look good!’ “My friends are ignoring me, I hope I 'm not annoying them, maybe they don 't like me any more: of course they like you, they 're most likely busy” At first it felt like I was lying to myself, but it slowly started working. I had a much more positive outlook on things. This was the final thing that completed my whole new

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