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Melanie, Violet, Summer, Mark, Travis, Justin and myself, America, have been friends since freshmen year at Guelph University in Guelph Ontario, Canada. Every year we promised each other that we’d go away for reading week, but as the years went on none of us had the time or energy or money to go anywhere, we all just wanted to stay local, and sleep in the comfort of our hometown, Guelph. As senior year was approaching and the thought of all of us going our separate ways, we decided that we’d go to Montreal for the week, the number one party city in Canada since the lifestyle is very easygoing and carefree especially among the young crowd. I wasn’t that much of a partier but I figured it would be a good way to de-stress and just enjoy being 23 without having my head stuffed into a book.
When the day finally arrived, that we were finally going to get out of Guelph and leave school behind us for a week I was ecstatic. I was finally going to not be surrounded by books and essays and the weird kid who sat beside me in every lecture who continuously asked me for my number and I of course had to deny him every time saying that I didn’t ’t have a phone. One time
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She was pretty, a cheerleader and was dating the top hockey guy in school yet somehow we became friends, through our law course and she seemed pretty down to earth. At first I was a little skeptical of becoming her friend, because in freshmen year since she’s such a popular girl she was receiving harassing and Indecent phone calls, guys telling her that “she was going to be next”, and “that her days were numbered”, I just didn’t want to get myself involved in that type of environment. I didn’t want to be next on any hit list purely based on association. But I quickly learned that Violet was a strong person and as the days went by she realized that those guys had nothing better to do and she simply ignored them and eventually they

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