Personal Narration Essay: Where You Come From From.

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When it comes to origin there is no specific place that can define where you come from. Though there may be a birthplace, there are a countless amount of places that you could come from. I most literally come from the NYU hospital up in the big apple most likely given birth to without painkillers as my mother obsesses with everything being done naturally, as she won’t even say the word perm pertaining to hair. Furthermore, I believe that my most literal origin being my birthplace is the most boring simplistic ordinary place I originate from. The better places of my origin would have to come from the vast family I am grateful to have. From the family I have down south in Gosport who I can only understand from the last few words through their …show more content…
Combined with both my mother’s and father’s side of the family I have 60 second cousins, 18 uncles, 6 grandparents, 20 first cousins, and 4 siblings and a countless amount of friends and adult guidance on top of that. I would like to call everybody on their birthday who is in this system of mine, however my parents made this very difficult, but I guess that’s a good problem to have. You could Imagine having this many people in my life I would have some stories to tell and you would be absolutely right. So much so I could write series of short stories with the amount of awkward, strange, exuberating experiences I’ve had in my meager 16yrs of life. The most vivid of out of all these experiences would have to be a family apple picking trip I had when I was around 9yrs old. The characters in this short spiel will be my parents, my older sister Jade, my infant sister Amber and my younger brother Jacob. During this apple picking adventure the naïve all-knowing 8yr old Isaiah decided to climb a tree that might have been the empire state building to him but was only realistically about 18ft. My younger self climbed this 14ft skyscraper with the company of my 7yr. old brother Jacob, of course making sure the young clumsy Jacob was secure didn’t fall out the tree leaving to the unquestionable punishment of me and less

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