Personal Level Through Interaction With Other Humans And Nature

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A religious experience is an encounter with the divine also known as something supernatural beyond ourselves. It cannot be observed, therefore making it non-empirical. This religious experience is most commonly through interaction with other humans and nature.
According to Paul Tillich, a religious experience is a feeling of “ultimate concern” demanding a decisive decision decision about what? from the person experiencing it. Whereas, Martin Buber says God reveals himself on a personal level through interaction of both people and nature. Martin Buber suggests that everyday human relationships are simple are known as “i-it”, but more meaningful and deeper relationships are known as “i-thou” it is in these relationships that they experience God as the “Eternal thou.”
Religious experience comes in two forms, direct and indirect. A direct experience, is where the person experiencing God feels that they are in contact with God. An example of this would be the three children at Fatima, Portugal who experienced Mary which year?, or the dramatic/conversion experience. While the indirect experience is an inner experience of God’s creation (immanence) and something “other.”

The dramatic/conversion experience is a direct experience, where a person sees visions, feelings of awe and chooses to convert from one faith to another. This is linked to William James, who suggested that religious experiences draw on a common range of emotions- happiness, fear and wonder. Otto described the…

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