Personal Leaderhip Platform Essay

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Personal Leadership Platform

Ryan M. Reynolds

University of Oklahoma

Personal Leadership Platform

My leadership platform will focus on three main leadership traits: vision, competence, and empathy. Without these three traits, I believe one may be considered a manager but not a leader. How these characteristics are developed, employed, and classified will also be covered. It is important to note that leadership must be built on a foundation of honesty and trust, otherwise, the successes will be far outnumbered by the failures as subordinates lose trust in the vision regardless of the competence and see empathy as manipulation. Built on a foundation of honesty and trust, however, subordinates will be
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5645). If I am unwilling to take criticism and make a concerted effort to continually improve, my leadership potential will stagnate. My leadership platform will therefore include being humble enough to realize that I am not perfect and that there will always be room for improvement. Not only do I want my capabilities to improve but as the leadership positions I am in change, I will need to be able to adapt. There are many ways to elicit feedback that I can use to perfect my leadership abilities. One of the ways the Army provides feedback is through the non-commissioned officer evaluation report (NCOER) or the commissioned officer report (OER). These are evaluations that become permanent record that are written by an officer’s direct supervisor and by the direct supervisor’s supervisor. The NCOER/OERs are preceded by monthly counseling forms that describe expectations and how those expectations are being met. These monthly counseling statements are a very important tool for growth and development that can also be described as a form of formal mentorship. The usefulness and actuality of the feedback, however, are highly dependent on the direct supervisor. In many cases the counseling doesn’t take place or subordinates are asked to write their own feedback! If subordinates write their own feedback, it usually has little value to them. To make sure I am getting the proper feedback I need, I can remind my supervisors that I

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