Personal History : Walt Disney Essay

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Personal History Walt Elias Disney was born in Chicago, Illinois, on December 5, 1901. Disney was one of five children and spent the majority of his childhood in Marceline, Missouri. It was here that he began drawing and painting(Walt Disney 1), but at the age of 7, Disney moved to Kansas City and then moved once again in 1917 when his father bought a partnership in the O- Zell Jelly factory in Chicago, Illinois. In Chicago Disney became the junior art editor of his school newspaper at Mckinley High School and improved his drawing abilities by attending art classes at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts in the evening. Disney paid for the schooling himself by washing jars at his father’s jelly factory. When Disney was 16 he tried to follow in his brothers footsteps and join the army, but was too young so he decided to join the Red Cross’ Ambulance Corps which took him to France and Germany (Schwartz 2). When he returned from Europe in 1919, Disney was determined to become an artist. He moved back to Kansas City with his brothers, where he landed a job as an apprentice at Pesmen- Rubin Commercial Art Studio drawing horses, cows and bags of feed for farm equipment catalogues. Disney was quickly laid off along with another employee, Ub Iwerks, so they started their own company, calling it Iwerks- Disney (Walt 1). However, this also came to a quick end when the company went bankrupt (Biography 1). Soon after, Disney took a job at the Kansas City Film Ad Company where he made…

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