Personal Framework Essay

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I have a little more than two years working experience as a nurse on the medical surgical floor that focuses on orthopedic and bariatric patients. I also have another job as a medication assistant at Austin Community College (ACC). This job allows me to collaborate with a nursing instructor by educating level one nursing students in a hospital setting in medication administration safety, basic nursing skills, critical thinking skills, evidence-based practice, core measures, and providing effective and holistic nursing care.
My goals as a nurse is to build a trusting relationship with my patients and promote the patient’s sense of control in order to attain quality, holistic health. These goals are very similar with my ACC students. As
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I live by the philosophy that education and knowing the truth is the key to unlock the door to a healthy and successful future. Once an individual fully understands this truth, whether it be interventions to improve his or her health or any sort of understanding of a subject, he or she is in control of his or her future. Empiricism, as well as a large portion of nursing, is science and evidence-based, which leads me to believe believe that empiricism is most congruent with my personal values, beliefs, and nursing practice. As a medication assistant, the students must be able to explain the evidence and scientific reasoning behind the nursing interventions that they completed for their patient through written care plans. I believe that a true understanding these details in nursing provides one with a strong basis on the science behind the nursing practice.
In bedside nursing, I take these understandings to predict possible outcomes and prepare for the worst. For example, my patient was scheduled for a bedside thoracentesis when the patient stated that novacaine makes her heart race. I informed the doctor and contacted the pharmacy and discovered that lidocaine was safe to use. In collaboration with the doctor, I set metoprolol at the bedside and monitored her heart rate throughout the procedure and a few hours after.
According to the American Nurses Association [ANA], (2011), the definition of beneficence is to provide care and assistance with compassion

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