Personal Essay On Shyness

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Monster come in all types of shapes and forms. My particular monster is not a living creature but something living inside me that has been tormenting me for as long as I can remember. My monster is called Shyness and the best way I can describe it to you is that it’s like something is latched onto you and preventing you from talking and causing extreme nervousness around people. People think shyness is only a phase that you go through when you are a child but it can follow you all the way into your adulthood if you let it. Shyness leaves a trail of untaken opportunities and loneliness due to lack of socializing with others. Shyness is just as real and scary as any monster.
My first encounter with shyness was when I
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I excelled in just about every subject but still I had no friends. I was quiet and kept to myself most of the time. I never liked raising my hand because I would get nervous from everyone staring at me. I hated group assignments because they would always ask me why I never talked to anyone and I would just shake my head. 5th grade came around and I set a goal to be more social and make new friends. I tried being funny by telling jokes but that didn’t work out to well. I also tried to play soccer but again that failed because I was terrible at sports. I thought I was doomed until I sat with two kids at lunch one day. Their names were Victor and Angel, we talked about video games and got along pretty well, so I invited them over my house to play video games and we became very close. I had no idea they both lived in the same apartment complex as me so we hung out almost every day. All throughout 6th and 7th grade we became best friends, they even introduced me to other friends and for once I wasn’t shy because I was comfortable around them. Life was going great for me I had finally made friends and was less shy than ever before, but then my mom announced that we will be moving to South Carolina after Christmas break. I was devastated for once I was finally overcoming my shyness and made awesome friends but now I had to start over in an entirely different …show more content…
I said my goodbyes to my two best friends and told them that I will keep in touch with them no matter what. We finally arrived to the small town of Hardeeville which had a population of under 3,000. I went to school the start of the spring semester and I had trouble finding my classes but I was too shy to ask anyone so I just walked the hallways until a teacher helped me find my first class. I walked in and felt my heart drop as all the kids were staring at me. I sat down and my hands would not stop sweating and I notice that I was the only Latino kid in the class so that just made it worse. I did stumble upon other Latino students but never really spoke to them. I tried talking to people and making friends but the people here were so much different and I didn’t have anything in common with anyone so I zoned myself out from the social scene. The rest of my middle school years I spent doing school work and staying home. My mother was concerned because my brother had adapted and made tons of friends but I on the other hand spent my days inside my room. We talk and I tell her that I just have a hard time making friends so she asks me If I wanted to start my freshman year at a nearby school and I was reluctant on the idea but she convinces me to go saying that they have a good ROTC program and it’s an overall better

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