Personal Essay On Islamophobia

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Islamophobia Growing up, my religion and my ethnicity differentiated me from the bigoted society of Jackson, Michigan. Only 0.7% of Jackson is Asianic and an even smaller percentage is Muslim. I’ve never had any friends that prayed, I never had anyone I could relate to about my culture, and I never truly felt accepted in my city. I always felt misplaced everywhere I was at but I could never figure out why. I continuously attempted to fit into my environment but still never felt like a natural part of it. When I visited the University of Michigan in 2015, that changed. For the first time in my life I experienced a feeling of community and acceptance that I never had before. There were people with hijabs integrated with whites, there was so much love and energy in the air. There were no barriers between people because of their identity. This was what attracted me to U of M: it’s diversity, it’s tolerance, and it’s open minded community. I was ready to put behind the bigoted and hateful experiences I’d had in Jackson and ready to move …show more content…
“In regard to wrongs, you would enforce the strictest silence, and would hail him as an enemy of the nation who dares to make those wrongs the subject of public discourse!” President Barack Obama has suffered major scrutiny for his refusal to utter the words “radical Islamic terrorism.” Obama’s reasoning behind this has been tied to preventing the world from believing the United States is at war with an entire religion and playing right into the hands of ISIL. The notion of the US being individually at war with Islam has been a propaganda tool radical groups have used in attempts to brainwash people into following their perverted interpretation of the faith by delivering the message Muslims and the United States are incompatible. President Obama wants to maintain integration with the Muslim community and make sure they feel like they are welcome in

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