Personal Essay: A Man's Best Friend

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A man’s best friend. Without even saying the word people hear this phrase and instantly picture a loving pup. Dogs have been known as a man’s best friend for many decades, they are genuine, pure, loyal, and loving creatures. In my life, I have developed a love for these animals along with many others. Since I was little, I knew my goal in life was to become a veterinarian, but just wanting something isn’t good enough. To truly be successful in a career one needs to have motives, goals and find what they are genuinely passionate about. I find that passion in the strays, the misfits, the abused, unwanted, and unloved. The numbers for these kinds of animals are staggering. According to the ASPCA, 2.7 million animals are euthanized each year (Shelter …show more content…
When people want a pet, chances are they have this ‘perfect breed’ in mind. With this expectation, people will fork over thousands of dollars to buy their so called “perfect” animal. Due to many misconceptions, people will come up with several inadequate reasons why they cannot get an animal from a shelter. One way to address this problem is by looking at and confronting the common reasons why people choose breeders or pet stores over shelter animals. One common reason is, people want to have young puppies and kittens and not old animals. Most pet stores, however, get their stock from puppy mills where animals are brought up in cruel and hazardous conditions. Buying animals from these pet stores is supporting these terrible conditions and encouraging puppy mills to continue. Also, animal shelters tend to have puppies and kittens as well, so if someone really wants a baby they can find them at an animal shelter. A common misconception is that it is fine to get a dog from a “responsible breeder,” however it is not responsible for someone to bring more animals into a world where there are already too many. Buying from a breeder or a pet store is encouraging the stores to bring in and breed more animals since it is a business these animals are their products. If one chooses an animal shelter over a pet store they are saving several animals lives and are making a responsible decision in regards to animals everywhere. A final misconception I will mention is that people think purebred dogs are healthier and live longer than mutts (Myths About Pet Stores). This is not the case, however since pure breeds have limited gene pool they suffer from several issues including things like epilepsy, cancer, respiratory problems, and joint problems (Myths About Pet Stores). Today animal shelters only represent 10 to 12 percent of animals that people take into

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