My Personal Philosophy Of Education As An Educator

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My personal philosophy of education as an educator is to create a classroom that makes students feel wanted. All children need someone in their lives that they can count on. They need that person that they know will be there for them and someone they can look up to. I believe I can be that person. My classroom will encourage happiness, friendship, growth, and safety.
Happiness will encourage students to come to class excited to learn with me and alongside their peers. Friendships will be the base of a community in the classroom. Growth as a student, individual, and a member of society. I think it will create a sense of responsibility and reliability between all. The idea that everyone is a teacher and how we are all constantly learning from
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I believe the best way to keep students interested in learning is to teach topics that are interesting to them. The classroom for education has to allow students to work on finding their answers in ways that will help them learn. Another essential part of a classroom is to have an environment that will contribute to the lessons rather than distract. Developing a curriculum that encourage meaningful and relevant information will allow the interests of each child to shine through fostering intrinsic motivation and the passion to continue learning. I will use themes, projects, individual work, group work, and the senses to build the best lessons for each subject. I hope to be able to create a balance of each subject with real world …show more content…
One of my hopes as an educator is to create love and passion for learning, like I have, in each of my students. There is a yearning for men and women that are compassionate and dedicated to work with children. Each generation should be provided a strong base and stepping stones to continue on throughout their years. With the ever-changing education system, I promise to improve my teaching strategies. Not only will there be a connection from me to the students, but also each of their families. I aim to provide a classroom that will encourage happiness, friendship, growth, and safety. I strive to be the best elementary educator that I can

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