Personal Conflict Management In Relationships With My Parents

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My goal is to assess and analyze my personal conflict management style through my unresolved conflict with my parents concerning my upcoming summer plans, with the purpose of collaborating to create a plan we can mutually agree on. My relationship with my parents is a familial relationship, this should show why we go about solving are conflicts the way we do. I am an only child; therefore, I am equally close to both parents. As a family, we have a very open relationship, meaning I can tell them anything. Whether it is how I am feeling or what I did over the weekend while I’m off at college, I know that I can be honest with them about any subject or situation without any judgments in return. This is one of the main reasons why my parents and I get along so well. I can be expressive without worrying about what they are thinking or going to say. My parents are the same way, they are not passive about their thoughts and opinions concerning my life and the decisions I make. They know I am going to take in what they say with thought and consideration as they would mine because we are more than understanding of each other. Having such supportive parents has made me feel the security and comfort I need to be completely honest and open about not only my life, but also my decisions. …show more content…
Not only do we value the importance of our positions we also value our relationship with one another, this has this has led us to compromise with each other with the hope of coming to a mutual agreement regarding our conflict. Although both parties may have to give up something to get something in return, the key to resolving a conflict is through collaboration, that way the needs of both parties can be satisfied. Even though conflicts tend to have negative connotations, knowing how to mange the conflicts in a way that helps both parties can ease the the resolution

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