Personal Computer and Application Software D. Essays

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Multiple Choice Questions 1. Which of the following is not a required part of an information system?
A. People
B. Procedures
C. Internet
D. Data 2. The physical equipment that processes data in order to create information is called the
A. typology
B. compiler
C. hardware
D. software 3. The word "software" is interchangeable with the word
A. procedure
B. application
C. program
D. computer 4. What are the two major software types?
A. System analysis software and data warehousing software
B. Operating system software and utilities software
C. System software and application software
D. Database management software and application software 5. Which of the following is a collection of programs rather
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A. Document
B. Presentation
C. Database
D. Worksheet 25. The Internet is the largest _____ in the world.
A. network
B. system unit
C. database program
D. operating system

26. Which technology allows users to shift their desktop computing activities to computers on the Internet?
A. distributed databases
B. cloud computing
C. handheld computers
D. solid-state storage

True / False Questions 27. The five parts of an information system are: people, procedures, software, hardware, and data.
True False 28. The purpose of software is to convert data into information.
True False 29. Software is another name for a program or programs.
True False 30. To be a competent computer user, you must understand the essentials of information technology (IT).
True False 31. Application software is "background" software which helps the computer manage its own internal resources.
True False 32. System software is a collection of programs.
True False

33. Disk Defragmenter is a Windows utility that is commonly used to format secondary devices.
True False 34. System software might be described as end-user software.
True False 35. A browser is an example of system software.
True False 36. Another name for a minicomputer is midrange computer.
True False 37. Insurance companies are most likely to use netbook computers to process information

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