Personal Code Of Ethics And Ethics Essay

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All about Philosophy Webpage
In the webpage All about Philosophy the authors provide an article that is very helpful for individuals who want to write their own personal code of ethics. The article points out that it is extremely important to develop a personal code of ethics because by putting ideas and philosophies in paper, and individual can have their beliefs in something that they can look at whenever they want to remember what they think is the essence of their life. The author or authors of the article say that the creation of a personal code of ethics requires time and work but mainly, it takes thinking and reasoning. According to this webpage, our friends can play and important role when writing our own personal Code of Ethics because they are the ones who can describes us, and they can see characteristics in us that we do not see. For instance, when individuals are humble and supportive, they not admit that they have those characteristics; however, those people who surround them notice them. A draft is also recommended; in order to put on paper ideas and philosophies, we can forget about grammar rules or other factors that should be taken into consideration when writing an academic paper.
Moreover, the article recommends individuals to think about the different environment they have contact with. If we elaborate hypothesis of what we would do in certain situations, we will find out what are Ethical Codes are. It also important not only to say what our ideas or…

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