Personal and Corporate Spiritual Truths Essay

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Spiritual Growth Plan: Sections Two and Three

A Spiritual Growth Plan Submitted to
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Friday, December 13, 2012
Table of Contents
Section Two Personal And Corporate Spiritual Truths 2
Section Three The Power of Prayer 4 Being Prepared 5 The Call to Worship 6 Personal Growth 7 thinking Strategically 9
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Section Two
Personal and Corporate Spiritual Truths Perhaps the lesson given the most support throughout the course of this semester is the healthy church is a church whose members are devoted to prayer.1 Powerful
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Many pastors have experience and frequently minister to those going through a personal crisis or tragic event in their lives, but there is currently no plan established to minister to the community in the event of a tragedy in my home church. I was at the tail end of a church plant a few miles away from the Aurora mall when the Aurora movie massacre took place.11 At that time we had not had a crisis team ready for the tragic event that took place. However, an organization who had trained men who did respond was the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team.12 They had trained chaplains working with churches in a very timely fashion. They were very effective and had a positive reputation for ministering to those in need. Living now in a mining community, tragedy is not unheard of. Mining is a dangerous occupation that supports the majority of the economy here. I have approached my pastor about sending myself and others to receive Sharing Hope In Crisis (SHIC) training from the Billy Graham Association.13 The objective would be for us to share our training and form a local rapid response team. Effectively ministering in a great time of need could instigate the next revival even in a small mining community.
The Call to

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