Person Centred Therapy Essay

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“The Person-Centred Therapy approach has its limitations when it comes to treating a gambling addiction.” Discuss.

In this assignment I am going to discuss what constitutes addictive behaviour in the context of therapeutic work. An evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of Person-Centred Therapy (PCT) will be used to highlight the limitations of this mode of therapy when used for clients with a gambling addiction. Other models of therapy will also be explored in order to ascertain whether a single or combination of therapies would be more effective in dealing with said addiction. Ethical issues will also be discussed. Using PCT and other models, a treatment plan will be outlined describing how a therapist might work with a client
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Increasing the size of the bet corresponds to tolerance and taking more than intended. The restlessness and irritability of abstaining gamblers are a kind of withdrawal reaction. It is worth noting that the origin of the word “addict” comes for the ancient Roman term referring to persons legally enslaved for defaulting on debts.

Chrysalis states that gambling falls within the definition of ‘process addiction’ (5). That is, the person will present with addiction symptoms such as: “euphoria, tolerance, withdrawal and excitement.” (6). The Royal College of Psychiatrists (7) state that a person can be defined as having a gambling problem if they fit the following criteria:

1. Feel the need to be secretive about their gambling: That is, the person may gamble in secret of lie about how much they gamble. There is a general feeling amongst gamblers that their family or friends will not understand why they do this. There may also be a hope that that a large win will impress their families and thus this will condone their behaviour.

2. Have trouble controlling their gambling: A person who is addicted to gambling will not be able to walk away until they have lost all their money, or will continue using credit or loans in an attempt to win money back.

3. Gamble

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