Auschwitz By Nyizli Sparknotes

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When the Nazis began their reign of terror across Europe, over 17 million people were sent to their deaths in concentration camps, but Dr. Miklos Nyiszli was given a fate he found worse than death. In Nyiszli's novel, Auschwitz: A Doctor's Eyewitness Account, the horrors of the secret Sonderkommando are uncovered. Nyiszli agrees to become a doctor for Auschwitz in order to save his life, unaware of the atrocities he will witness while working under Dr. Josef Mengele – the "Angel of Death". This book teaches the reader important lessons about perseverance, bravery, and human kindness.
In Dr. Nyiszli's novel, he faces many hardships and obstacles that he must overcome with his relentless perseverance in order to escape the horrors of the Nazi
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Upon learning that the camp that contained his wife and daughter was to be liquidated, he advised them to volunteer at a work camp to save them from their fate, however, he did more than that. Risking his life by spreading such secret information, he told "… all [his wife's] acquaintances to volunteer as well … " (Nyiszli 146). By doing this, Nyiszli managed to save the lives of those who would've been murdered without this life-saving advice. He not only helped those suffering in the concentration camps, but he also helped those in the Sonderkommando with him escape the hell they lived in. Without any intent of escaping himself, Nyiszli helped his friends collect "… enough arms to … force [their] way past the guards." (Nyiszli 130). In helping out with this operation, Nyiszli certainly risked his life for the gain of his friends, and with his help some managed to free themselves from Auschwitz. Not only did Nyiszli help with such large operations during his imprisonment, but he also committed small acts of kindness. Upon being introduced to two men who were about to be killed, he " … had some food brought for them …" and treated them with the last bit of kindness they would ever feel. Overall, Nyiszli saved many lives with his kindness, even thought he was risking his own – he was a truly selfless man.
During Nyiszli's novel, he displays numerous acts of perseverance, bravery, and kindness – all of which were rare during the holocaust. Dr. Nyiszli helps the reader understand the importance of these qualities, in a time where it was dangerous to have them. Not only has he saved lives, but Nyiszli has also taught countless people his valuable lessons, and helped them not just understand the significance of the holocaust, but also the importance of kindness, bravery, and perseverance in all

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